(Human Machine Interface)

Control panels onsite are push button and dial or

touchscreen based.

Integration of industrial systems with office computer systems has now lead us to the web HMI.

The web HMI is a greatly cut down version of the HMI onsite. The onsite HMI will usually be a touch screen which can be directly connected to using a remote desktop software called VNC. As powerful as this is, for controlling or keeping an eye on your system KPIs from a distance we really want a cut-down super fast version of the onsite HMI.

This where the web based HMI comes in.

The web HMI:

  • works on any web browser, thus no need to install anything.
  • is based on the grid systems so it resizes for your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC.
  • is secured using a login page.
  • has low bandwidth usage a works over slow connections.
  • uses simple graphics to speed connection times.
  • Is designed in dark shades of grey keeping it easy on eyes and making coloured alarms stand out.

To see a demo of a basic web HMI follow this link