Dion Patelis

Dion Patelis is the lead engineer at Sentach. He completed his studies in electrical power and industrial computer systems engineering in 2012. The industrial computer systems degree had a heavy slant toward control systems and chemical process engineering. The power systems degree focused on generators, power line and substation design. Before going to Murdoch University in Western Australia, he worked in the computer industry repairing and building networks using a mesh of Linux, Mac and Microsoft systems. He also spent much time developing business database systems using PHP and MySQL.

In his early working years he started as a sign writer and graphic artist creating airbrush murals on boats, cars, buildings and anything else paint could be applied to. He spent a lot of time drawing and designing machines. This made engineering a natural progression as it extends the paintbrush tool set to include that of applied science and mathematical paintbrushes. Thus he can now realise what he could only once paint as a concept on canvas.

Dion has a keen interest in fluid mechanics and air flow design. After reading engineering books on the subject and testing many designs through windsurfing, surfing and building RC planes, he has meshed this knowledge with his electrical know how to create parts for remotely piloted planes. These parts are sold through the web site, Xortig.